Online shopping supporting page is useful for all ages of people. If you are customer in online shopping they are familiar about online shopping in all website. But even now many people are not aware of online shopping site. So this information supports you to continue your online shopping without any queries. So this supporting page will help you to get more information about this online shopping. Here are a few steps to use this online shopping website a successful one.

Step 1: Open Playstore in your mobile and install Value Silks app.

Step 2: Inside the value silks app, a homepage will be open.

 Step 3: Then in the homepage many menus will be there like about, checkout, orders, orders tracking. If you want to select dress you can move on to home or shop page there you can view many collections of dresses. Then you can move on to cart page.

Step4: Inside the order option you have to enter your personal information like mail id, phone number then payment details we have to give and you have to submit and place your order. After ordering a message will be sent to your mail.

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Step5: If you want to refund or cancel your order you have to contact our customer care

Step 6: If it is a first time you have to create a mail id for login after finishing you have to logout your mail id. But it is not compulsory for ordering your dress. But if you wish to be a member or customer in this site you can follow these rules whenever you are using this site.

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